Judges Comments

61 Diane Chandler, Scrutiny: This painting is intriguing in terms of its double portrait, which is not simply a reflection of a person. The different expressions of the subject in each rendition suggest a complexity of self-reckoning or a division of self. This engaged me in contemplation and raises it above the level of a straightforward portrait.

79 Susan Nally, Hydrangeas: This still life shows exceptional skill in terms of its intense color and sensuous brushwork.

89 Johanne Mangi, Bonnie Prince Charlie: Bonnie Prince Charlie exhibits the attributes of the best portraits: a subtle expression and the character of a distinct personality, as well as fine brushwork.

16 Ed Magnotti, Audubon Street: The heightened color in this cityscape as well as good compositional devices make this painting successful.

47 Matty Degradi, Lake Wintergreen: Good composition, the play of flat shape vs. traditional space and a sense of mystery attracted me.

50 Sharon Morgio, Longing: The unusual composition, subtle expression and fine rendering in this watercolor portrait are impressive.

26 Stephanie Arrell, Autumn Glory: This small landscape exhibits a playful use of color and free application of paint that creates a unified sense of liveliness .

91 Liz Scott, Gallery Composition: This portrait in an interior contains a quiet mood. This is accomplished through the delicate application of paint and the scale of the figure to its surroundings. The horizontal bands in the skirt provide a strong design element that draws you in.

68 Joanne Paone-Gill, Earthly Joys: I spent lots of time with this small work trying to discover the nature of its subject and how it was made. It’s puzzling quality made it memorable.

10 Millie Farrell, Waiting: This work exhibits strong composition with simple overlapping shapes. The figures are treated mostly as forms and shapes which makes it more complex and interesting than a straightforward depiction of two people waiting .

83 Ruth Resnick Johnson, Sarah: This portrait has monumentality and a strong design that carries from across the room.

60: Rita Kelly, From My Garden: This watercolor shows a skillful use of the medium.

51: Dolores Gall, Blue Yellow Red: The repetition and variation employed in the image as well as an interesting use of texture make this a successful piece.

42: Joanne Paone-Gill, Stormy Seas: This seascape has a dynamic design through its use of diagonals and shows skill in the use of watercolor.

Miller Library Social Rm, 2901 Dixwell Ave, Hamden CT

The Hamden Art League meets the second Tuesday of the month.